Choosing a Contractor


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When owning a home with a well, who to service that well is a big decision. Here at Freedom Pump & Well Services we believe an educated consumer has an advantage. Here are some things to consider when picking a contractor.

1. Ask Questions
A good contractor will take the time to answer all your questions from the 1st call to the end of the job and beyond.

2. Understand Your Contract
Decide on a contractor that you can understand and feel comfortable with. The time to have any questions clarified is before signing that contract. You do not want to have any hidden cost pop-up later after the work has been done.

Eagle23. Guarantees
Any good contractor will guarantee their labor besides the product for a period of time. (It might be 1 year on labor, maybe longer and the manufacture’s guarantee and or warranty on the product installed.)

4. Cost Is Not The Only Thing To Consider When Having Work Done
The old saying of “You get what you pay for” is very true in a lot of cases. A cheap job price may just be that. You might end-up with hidden costs, cheap products, below standard workmanship and little to no follow-up in service. One’s peace of mind is worth a few extra dollars in knowing you can trust the contractor you pick.

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